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Concussion of the Africa Cup: Mane’s team scored 1 goal still top of the table, Mahrez’s team lost painfully

21 Jan 2022 | 13:09 | Football

Algeria attends CAN 2022 as the defending champion. But only after the group stage, the team with star Riyad Mahrez had to leave.

Video Algeria lost to Ivory Coast

The group stage of the 2022 Africa Championship (CAN) has ended with extremely unexpected developments. The defending champion Algeria, in the mood to be forced to win in the final series of matches against Ivory Coast, took revenge with a 1-3 defeat.

Concussion of the Africa Cup: Mane's team scored 1 goal, still leading the group, Mahrez's team lost painfully - 1

Mahrez became the criminal of Algeria

With only 1 point after 3 matches, Algeria ranked bottom of Group E and was officially eliminated from the group stage. This year’s tournament has 24 teams participating, bringing up to 16 teams to the knockout round, including 4/6 third-placed teams with good records. However, Riyad Mahrez and his teammates still could not get a ticket to continue and were humiliatedly turned into a former king.

It is worth mentioning that Mahrez is also a criminal of Algeria in this match. The attacker on the Man City club’s staff missed the penalty in the 60th minute, making Algeria’s chance to turn the situation squandered. Before losing to Ivory Coast, Algeria drew 0-0 with Sierra Leone and lost 0-1 to Equatorial Guinea.

While Riyad Mahrez and his teammates were turned into former kings, Sadio Mane’s Senegal runner-up team was a surprise. Surprisingly, Senegal only scored 1 goal in the group stage but still led with 5 points, won 1 and drew 2 matches, kept a clean sheet after 3 matches. Surprisingly, Senegal’s only goal in the group stage was a penalty taken by Sadio Mane in the minute… 90+7!

That shows the fierceness of this tournament, although the African Championship has not received the attention of fans around the world. And after the group stage ended, 16 teams have been identified to register for the next round, including 12 first- and second-place teams in 6 groups, along with 4 best third-placed teams.

The 6 teams ranked first in the group stage of CAN 2022 include: Cameroon (starting from Group A), Senegal, Morocco, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Mali. Six teams continue as second in the group: Burkina Faso, Guinea, Gabon, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea and Gambia. The 4 third-placed teams with good records and going on are Cape Verde, Malawi, Tuinisia, and Comoros.

In the 1/8 round, fans will witness the great war between Ivory Coast and Egypt. Ivory Coast is now an even collective with many stars playing in Europe such as midfielder Kessie, Arsenal winger Nicolas Pepe or striker Haller, who is leading the list of UEFA Champions League top scorers. . Meanwhile, the most prominent of Egypt is the top 3 FIFA The Best 2021 – striker Mohamed Salah.