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Covid poisoning makes the swan risk postponing the game to hit the gun

04 Jan 2022 | 16:27 | Football

Liverpool fear they will not be able to play in the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg against Arsenal on Thursday night. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 within the team

The team’s manager Jurgen Klopp tested positive last week. That left him missing in charge in Sunday’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea, while goalkeeper Alisson Becker, centre-back Joel Matip and Roberto Firmi are on the line. Noh, the striker also has a suspected test for COVID-19.

If Thursday night’s game is confirmed, Klopp will continue to lose in charge, while Alisson, Matip and Firmino are also expected to lose.

With Alisson unable to play again, Liverpool risk the Carabao Cup game being postponed if further cases arise with other goalkeepers.

The EFL, which organizes the Carabao Cup, said games could be postponed if the team fails to hand in 13 outfield players and a goalkeeper.

The Reds’ training on Tuesday, scheduled for 4pm local time, is believed to have been canceled due to the coronavirus. in more teams

Liverpool and EFL officials have been in contact. But there has not been a request from Merseyside club to cancel the game first. This means that the game will continue to compete in the same program for now.

More talks will be held in the coming hours, awaiting clarity on the size and extent of the outbreak. If there is a postponement That means Liverpool’s FA Cup home game against Shrewsbury on Sunday is also at risk of being postponed.