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Dan Malesela leaves Royal AM, returns to Marumo Gallants after 4 months

20 Sep 2022 | 09:16 | Football

Dan Malesela (Gallo Image)

Dan Malesela (Gallo Image)

After four months since leaving Marumo Gallants, the club have now confirmed his return and reappointed Dan Malesela as head coach.

During his time away from the club, Malesela took over as manager o of Royal AM alongside Khabo Zondo and Abram Nteo.

However, that time has taken a turn for the worse and Malesela has finally returned to the Limpopo-based club following the resignation of French-Moroccan coach Romain Folz earlier this month.

Commenting on the appointment, Marumo Gallants President Abram Sello said: “It is fortunate that Dan Malesela is a free agent at the same time that we, like Gallants, are looking for a new head coach.

“After some discussion, the decision has been made to welcome him back into the Marumo Gallants family. We look forward to the upcoming matches with high expectations and a positive outlook.”

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