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Former Man City coach pointed out the advantage that helped Mauricio Pochettino to be interested in MU

25 Mar 2022 | 11:13 | Football

 Coach Mark Hughes said that the Argentine strategist has a strong point that helps him to be noticed by Manchester United.

Pochettino talks about losing to Real Madrid 

In the opinion of coach Mark Hughes, a strategist with no experience in the Premier League will face many difficulties when taking on the job of coaching in this tournament for the first time. Talking to Sky Sports, the former Manchester City captain shared (quoted by Metro):

“The Premier League is unlike any other league in the world. Obviously it has similarities with the quality of the game, but just think the intensity of the game is completely different.”
Mauricio Pochettino makes mind up on Man Utd and paves way for No.1 target to join club - Bóng Đá

 Pochettino is expected to be sacked by PSG soon. 

“If you haven’t had the experience of [this league], as a player or as a coach, then I think it can take you by surprise and go through a transition that you don’t. sure what will happen to me. Because from my point of view, that’s on another level.”

“So you see the charm of Pochettino, because he knows the Premier League well and its strengths , but there are also good examples of coaches from other countries who have come and done well. “

“The reality is Man Utd still offers one of the top jobs in world football, so there’s going to be a lot of people submitting CVs and hoping they’ll get a call.”

“It’s a difficult time for Manchester United right now, and it’s not easy for anyone with a connection to the club. So they need to get this right.”