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Funny Chelsea transfer: Spending 91 billion VND to buy your own players

28 Jan 2022 | 09:26 | Football

Chelsea have sent an offer worth 3 million pounds (approximately 91 billion) to Lyon to buy back Emerson, a player on Chelsea’s own payroll.

Chelsea are having problems at full-back with both Ben Chillwell and Reece James on long-term breaks. Coach Thomas Tuchel is also unhappy with Marcos Alonso’s form and is temporarily using Malang Sarr for the left-back position. However, the French player is only a temporary solution because his forte position is central defender.

Funny Chelsea transfer: Spending 91 billion VND to buy your own players - 1

Coach Thomas Tuchel wants to call back Emerson


Therefore, coach Thomas Tuchel is urging Chelsea to add forces, but the choice in the left wing position is not much. Also from here, the Stamford Bridge team must come up with a plan. It is to get back Emerson, who has been on loan at Lyon since the beginning of the season.

All transfers are not worth mentioning if Chelsea do not “forget” to set the terms that can take back the player at any time. Therefore, Lyon refused to release people for “The Blues”. With the transfer market about to close, the Stamford Bridge team had to come up with a plan to cry and laugh.

That is to spend £ 3 million (approximately VND 91 billion) to buy back Emerson’s loan contract from Lyon while the Italian player is still on the team’s payroll. This is a very rare occurrence in the history of football when the team has to buy back its own players just because … forgot to set the terms when they were loaned.

However, things have not stopped there. According to news from the British and French press, Lyon is not satisfied with the £3 million price offered by Chelsea. It is not clear at this time if the French team is determined to keep Emerson to race for tickets to next season’s European Cup or is looking to receive more money from this deal. Currently, Lyon is ranked 11th on the Ligue 1 table, but only 3 points behind the team ranked 5th and 1 match left.

It is not clear how this story will end but clearly, this decision of Chelsea shows that they are really “secret”. Coach Tuchel’s style of play relies heavily on the attacking ability of two full-backs. Chillwell and Reece James do a great job of that, but both are injured.

Since then, Chelsea’s performance has also declined significantly and is lagging behind in the championship race. That’s probably the main reason why “The Blues” had to make the decision to… buy back their own players.