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‘He showed us the middle finger!’: Chippa Mpengesi owner in Lentjies leaves

21 Jul 2022 | 17:50 | Football

Chippa Mpengesi.  (Image: File)

Chippa Mpengesi. (Image: File)

Chippa United owner Siviwe Mpengesi did not shy away from criticizing Kurt Lentjies, saying he let down Premiership club DStv when he chose to leave immediately.

Lentjies started the 2021/22 season as a player but became a coach to help the Chilli Boys after the club ended its relationship with Gavin Hunt.

Lentjies brought the club to safety, helping United avoid relegation, but instead of being appointed full-time mentor, Mpengesi chose to hand the role of head coach to Daine Klate.

Speaking to SAfm, Mpengesi explained that Lentjies had been replaced after refusing to join.

Chilli Boys’ Supremo said: “I believe in growth and giving opportunities to players and coaches. I’m really disappointed with how things ended for Kurt Lentjies.

“It can backfire, but he did well for us, but we see room for improvement. But he showed us the middle finger and chose to leave.

“He doesn’t want to work with a more experienced coach. He wants to run everything as a one-man show, and that can’t be.”

Mpengesi added: “But we’re happy with Daine Klate. We used to be the laughing stock at MDC, but he turned things around for us, and we have to reward him.”

“We are confident that next season will be our best. We also hope that 60% of the players will come from the region.”

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