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Man United wasted Ronaldo’s talent

06 Jan 2022 | 09:44 | Football



(PLO)- Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand is concerned that the club’s leadership is wasting the talent of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo by not fully exploiting the strengths of the 36-year-old striker, just like they did with the club. former striker, Radamel Falcao.
Ronaldo has scored eight goals in 16 Premier League appearances since returning to Old Trafford last summer, and has also scored six goals in five Champions League appearances.

But Ronaldo looks disappointing in midfield, especially after Man United’s poor performances in recent times. The Portuguese superstar sometimes leaves stats disappointing in Manchester, as the club’s poor return to six defeats in the first half of the season displeased Ronaldo.

Questions have arisen about Ronaldo’s suitability and many also believe he is still unsuitable for the new caretaker manager, Ralf Rangnick’s style of play, which relies heavily on his famous gegenpressing tactics when demanding. Ask the player to move a lot.

Ferdinand thinks MU is wasting Ronaldo's talent. Photo: CGI.

Ferdinand thinks MU is wasting Ronaldo’s talent. Photo: CGI.

Former England international Ferdinand believes Man United are not making the most of Ronaldo’s talent when they have the ball, comparing Ronaldo ‘s efforts in attack to Falcao’s efforts during his unsuccessful time at the Devils. Red”.

The former Man United defender shared on his podcast after the 0-1 defeat at home to Wolves: “It’s all going. I can’t even sit here properly. Having to sit here and tell This team defense is killing me My biggest concern is if you have Edinson Cavani and Ronaldo on your team two of the team’s best attacking players and they don’t know how to capitalize.

Man United did not spread the formation close to the touchline, nor did they have players capable of putting the ball in a good position. That seems like a nonsense. You have to play to their strengths. It’s the same as when we used Falcao like many years ago. You bring in someone who is good at attacking, but never crosses the ball. If so, how can you expect them to shine? Cristiano Ronaldo can also take advantage of other opportunities, as can Cavani.


Ronaldo seems lost among the Red Devils. Photo: CGI.

Ronaldo seems lost among the Red Devils. Photo: CGI.

But if two of their strengths are crosses in, then help them get the ball in the box. Can be played with a little more strategy. If he plays 4-2-2-2, then it’s the full-back that will assist Cavani and Ronaldo to do what they usually do.”

Besides, Ferdinand urged coach Rangnick to fulfill one of the promises he made when he took over at Man United: “Rangnick needs more time, but look at Conte. There is a stark contrast between Tottenham’s play and performance before and after his arrival. They haven’t really molted yet, but there have been great improvements.


The 36-year-old striker is still as active on the pitch as he was in his youth. Photo: CGI.

The 36-year-old striker is still as active on the pitch as he was in his youth. Photo: CGI.

It’s still too early to judge Rangnick, but one of the key things he said when he took office was that it would help individual players get better. I want to see that, which I don’t feel right now.”

The “Red Devils” are ranked 7th on the Premier League table, with 31 points after 19 matches – 4 points behind Arsenal in the race to qualify for the Champions League. On the evening of January 10, Man United will host Aston Villa in the third round of the FA Cup. After five days, they were guests of this opponent in the framework of the English Premier League.