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Midfield upgrade, Mikel Arteta considers 5 names

24 Jan 2022 | 14:42 | Football

TinTheThao.com.vnArsenal’s urgent goal now is to upgrade the midfield, when in the hands of coach Mikel Arteta there are not many quality options.

5. Yves Bissouma

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 Bissouma will bring steel to Arsenal’s midfield.

The Malian midfielder is a name that Arsenal fans aspire to own. Bissouma is defensive, strong, not afraid of collision, promising to combine with Thomas Partey to “sweep” the midfield. The ability to coordinate the ball of the star wearing the Brighton shirt is also highly appreciated. The problem is that “The Seagulls” value their mainstay up to £ 50 million.

4. Youri Tielemans

Tielemans has recently been rumored by the media to be a target that Arsenal are pursuing. Since joining Leicester City in 2019, the Belgian star has become an irreplaceable pillar, the “conductor” in the play of the Foxes.

The 24-year-old has a good sense of space. Tielemans’ skillful passing ability makes this player a link between midfield and attack. In particular, the Belgian star can move continuously on the field thanks to his endless energy.

3. Ruben Neves

The Portuguese did not receive too much attention, because he played in the role of a deep playmaker. Neves can assist in interception in midfield and open up attacks for the whole team whenever he has the ball.


The star on the Wolves payroll is the target that Arsenal pursues in the summer transfer window of 2021. But in the end, no agreement was approved. Perhaps this is the right time for Mikel Arteta to return to this deal.

2. Bruno Guimaraes

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 Guimaraes has confirmed his talent in Ligue 1.

Bruno Guimaraes was likened by Football London as “the new Thiago Alcantara”, because the style of play is quite similar. Guimaraes is a central midfielder who tends to play deep, intercept, and regulate play with his ability to pass the ball. However, compared to Thiago, Guimaraes is more mobile thanks to his youth and abundant energy.

The Brazilian player is only 24 years old, which perfectly fits the strategy that coach Mikel Arteta is building. The risk in this deal is whether Guimaraes can adapt to an environment as fierce as the Premier League or not.

1. Frankie de Jong

The Dutch star was once considered the future of Barcelona. However, the Catalan giants are considering selling De Jong, because the former Ajax midfielder has declined in form. If offered a reasonable price, Arsenal can completely bring De Jong to the Emirates.

Although he is declining at Barca, the talent of the 24-year-old player is undeniable. De Jong is a perfect fit for Arsenal’s current system of two central midfielders. The Dutch star’s ingenuity promises to help the Gunners play more smoothly.

(Translated from Squawka)