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Paul George is out of action for a long time due to a torn elbow ligament, the Los Angeles Clippers have difficulty in the 2021-2022 season

26 Dec 2021 | 15:54 | News

The Los Angeles Clippers are experiencing a rather calm 2021-2022 season compared to themselves in the previous two seasons. Kawhi Leonard’s injury has made all plans of the Xang – White half of Los Angeles severely affected, when Paul George alone is sometimes not enough to bring about a positive achievement for the team.

Now, the Los Angeles Clippers are facing a dilemma in terms of force when Paul George will be absent for a long time. One report said the 31-year-old pioneer had torn a ligament in his right elbow and was sidelined for about three to four weeks, before being re-evaluated for the extent of the injury.

Paul George is said to have suffered from the above problem during the game against the Portland Trail Blazers on December 7. The 31-year-old striker was sidelined for the next five games, before returning in the last two games against the San Antonio Spurs and Sacramento Kings.

Despite still scoring 42 points after two games, Paul George still felt a bit of pain in his elbow after the game against the Sacramento Kings ended. Therefore, the Los Angeles Clippers’ decision to give the 31-year-old superstar a rest is a must, especially when Paul George is an extremely important player in the hands of coach Tyronn Lue.

However, the period of 3-4 weeks of convalescence will not be a guarantee for the return of Paul George after that. If the elbow injury does not heal on its own, resorting to the use of cutlery is possible, meaning that Paul George could be sidelined for the rest of the 2021-2022 season.

This is really an undesirable prospect for the Los Angeles Clippers, especially when they are without Kawhi Leonard because of a torn knee ligament. The duo Kawhi Leonard – Paul George has always been the fulcrum for the success of the Xang – White half of Los Angeles since the summer of 2019.

With quality cards in hand, coach Tyronn Lue can still manage to lead the Los Angeles Clippers to a positive result. In 5 games without Paul George, they won 3 and had 2 defeats against Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder.

However, these are only temporary results and no one is sure if the Los Angeles Clippers can safely land in a position to attend the Playoffs. Currently, they have a record of 17 wins – 15 losses, temporarily standing in 6th place in the Western rankings.

In the event that it can last until the end of the Regular Season, the Los Angeles Clippers will gradually have the return of the most important players. Kawhi Leonard is expected to return to training in early March 2022 and most likely recover in time to attend the Playoffs round.

The Los Angeles Clippers are having a long slide since the summer of 2019. They recruited Paul George and Kawhi Leonard with the ambition to take the NBA throne and become a formidable force compared to the team in the same city. After 2 seasons of competition, the performance against the Los Angeles Lakers has improved, but the performance is not commensurate with what billionaire Steve Ballmer expected.