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PSL renames first division after reaching agreement with CAF boss Patrice Mostepe .’s organization

01 Jul 2022 | 15:59 | Football

Café President, Dr. Patrice Motsepe and PSL President, Dr. Irvin Khoza.  Photo: Mathews Mpete

Café President, Dr. Patrice Motsepe and PSL President, Dr. Irvin Khoza. Photo: Mathews Mpete

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) and the Motsepe Foundation have joined forces and announced a partnership with immediate effect.

The Motsepe Foundation has “secured” the necessary funding from companies affiliated with the “Motsepe Family” and will fund the National First Division (NFD).

Formerly known as the GladAfrica Championship, the NFD will be renamed the “Motsepe Foundation Championship”.

Patrice Motsepe, co-founder and president of the Motsepe Foundation, revealed that PSL boss Irvin Khoza called his number “urgently” to strike a deal.

Motsepe said: “South African football has a long and proud history and has produced some of the most talented players in Africa and the world.

“It is an honor for the Motsepe Foundation to modestly contribute to the development and growth of South African football and make it one of the best in Africa and globally.

“Dr Khoza contacted me yesterday and requested an urgent meeting, and after speaking with several Commissioners of companies affiliated with the Motsepe Family, an agreement was reached to launch the Motsepe Foundation. Championship.

“We also want to thank PSL and its president, Irvin Khoza, for their relentless efforts to attract sponsors and partners to PSL.”

Motsepe is currently the president of the Confederation of African Football and gave the presidency of Mamelodi Sundown to his son Thlopie Motsepe last year.

Irvin Khoza, president of PSL, said: “We are grateful to the Motsepe Foundation for its contribution to sustainability and promotion of South African football.

“I am delighted that my urgent request to the Motsepe Foundation for support has been accepted and activated on such a short notice.

“I know that Patrice Motsepe will be departing on Friday night for the CAF Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco, and we want to finish and kick off the Motsepe Foundation Championship before he departs.”

Precious Moloi-Motsepe, co-founder of the Motsepe Foundation added: “Over the years we have supported football and it provides thousands of jobs, contributing to improving the living conditions and living standards of the poor and marginalized, and loved by all. millions of our people.”