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Ria Ledwaba was clear to run against incumbent Danny Jordaan for the SAFA presidency

06 Jun 2022 | 14:57 | Football

Ria Ledwaba

Ria Ledwaba

Image Lefty Shivambu / Gallo

  • Ria Ledwaba was approved to run for President of the South African Football Association, but was unable to run for the National Executive Committee position.
  • Ledwaba, a SAFA vice president, was not nominated by her host region and was disqualified in that regard.
  • The SAFA Electoral Congress will take place on June 25.

South African Football Federation presidential candidate Ria Ledwaba will be eligible to run against incumbent Danny Jordaan in the organization’s presidential election on June 25.

However, Ledwaba, who is SAFA vice president, will not be able to run for the National Executive Committee, the organization’s highest decision-making body.

Ledwaba has been involved in a race battle with the organization, having recently filed a complaint with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and international soccer governing body FIFA.

Ledwaba had a press conference scheduled for early May, but she did not attend because the SAFA circular issued at the end of the press conference said that “no nominees are required to present their presentations”. himself as a candidate in public before the board decides on it. That’s the job.”

Shakespeare Hadebe, who serves on the SAFA Governing Committee, which cleared the way for respective candidates to compete for different positions in the SAFA structure, said Ledwaba did not meet the requirements to serve on the NEC under the regulations. regulations of SAFA.

“Mrs Ledwaba was not nominated by the host area under the SAFA 25.9 statues,” Hadebe said.

“SAFA Tshwane nominated her for the presidential district, but her host region, SAFA Capricorn, failed to do so from the NEC’s point of view and so that made her ineligible for the nomination. become a candidate for the NEC.”

Nomsa Mahlangu, athletic director of the University of Johannesburg, did not cut out the presidential nomination because she was nominated by University Sports South Africa and not by a SAFA region.

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