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Ronaldinho flatters a Liverpool factor

26 Jan 2022 | 11:55 | Football

 Recently, former player Ronaldinho has praised a Liverpool defender on social networks.

Virgil van Dijk arrived at Liverpool in the winter transfer window of 2018 and became the mainstay of The Kop’s defense. With an ideal physique, good situational reading ability and comprehensive defensive skills, the former Southampton star has gradually become known as one of the top central defenders in the Premier League. Number 4 made a great contribution to the English Premier League (2019/20) and Champions League (2018/19).

Ronaldinho flatters a Liverpool factor - Football

Van Dijk was one of three Liverpool players to score in the win over Crystal Palace over the weekend.

Recently, he shone in the match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace with the opening goal after the home team’s corner kick. After the confrontation ended, Van Dijk wrote a brief status line on Instagram: “Bom!!! 3 points! This is a tough match. Next time is to resuscitate and come back to it later. while off [the national team gathering].”

As soon as the Dutch midfielder posted the above status, former player Ronaldinho also commented: “You are amazing,  playing with composure and effectively commanding the defense … Congratulations. “

Up to now, Van Dijk has had 156 matches in all competitions for Liverpool. He scored 15 goals, contributed 7 assists and 10 yellow cards after 13,942 minutes of play.