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Star West Ham donated more than 2 billion VND to the Ukrainian army

28 Feb 2022 | 14:57 | Football

 West Ham’s Ukrainian striker Andriy Yarmolenko is said to have donated £75,000 to his country’s Armed Forces.

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Yarmolenko is a top player in his country’s football history and he seems to have spent a lot of his own money supporting the Ukrainian army as they fought against the Russians.

The 32-year-old was given leave by West Ham on Sunday and as a result he missed the win over Wolves, but all of his team-mates wore shirts with his name on the back after the warm-up. During the match, the Ukrainian flag was hung in the stands, like many other Premier League matches this past weekend.

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 Yarmolenko is a top Ukrainian player.

Yarmolenko’s £75,000 donation was posted on Twitter by @ZoryaLondonsk, an account that publishes Ukrainian football news in English. 

Yarmolenko earns £115,000 a week at West Ham. Yarmolenko was born in Russia to Ukrainian parents, who later moved back to his homeland when he was a child.

Speaking ahead of Sunday’s game with Wolves, West Ham manager David Moyes revealed: ” He’s not fine at the moment – we’ve given him a couple of days off. I’ve spoken to him. yesterday and he was very sad. We just hope his family is okay.”