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Vietnam team: What do you see through the tests of Mr. Park?

05 Feb 2022 | 04:53 | Football

Coach Park Hang Seo has tests that are not perfect, but are at least considered successful in the context that needs to be changed.

1. After the defeat in the AFF Cup 2020, the request of Coach Park Hang Seo to change was made extremely urgent, especially when the Vietnamese team faced many problems in terms of personnel during the past time.

Typically with the defense when the Korean strategist constantly loses people to injuries, penalty cards to unpredictable incidents during the pandemic.

Or with the same attack, as long as Tien Linh “sneezes and has a runny nose”, Duc Chinh cannot join the team because of injury, all troubles fall on Coach Park Hang Seo’s head immediately, without having to wait too long.
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 Recruiting Vietnam has many other changes

2. Preparing for two matches against Australia and China in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Korean strategist called up many new recruits for the Vietnamese team.

Despite calling dozens of new names compared to the AFF Cup 2020, but in the end, the captain of the Vietnamese team can only use 4 of the last 2 matches of the home team.

Specifically, in the last two matches against Australia and China, Coach Park Hang Seo created opportunities for Van Xuan, Xuan Manh, Bui Hoang Viet Anh, or Tuan Hai to enter the field to test fire to supplement the home team in the near future.

These tests are fairly assessed as relatively successful, especially the performance in 2 matches of Tuan Hai or 1 round of Bui Hoang Viet Anh in victory over China on the 1st day of the last New Year.

3. Looking at what Viet Anh and especially Tuan Hai showed in the past matches, many people are really sorry for Coach Park Hang Seo when he missed many opportunities with these rookies in the past.
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 when Coach Park Hang Seo believes in rookies like Tuan Hai

It should be known that, in the matches in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup before, the striker had just joined Hanoi FC, despite his name, but ended up being forgotten by the Korean strategist, and could not even go to Singapore. attend the AFF Cup.

Similarly with Viet Anh, the central defender with the most ideal height of the Vietnamese team on the staff of Hanoi FC was not trusted by the Korean teacher, and only returned when Coach Park Hang Seo was secretive with an empty defense. Que Ngoc Hai, Lieu Quang Vinh a few days before the Chinese match.

Not only that, with a few new names that have not been tested in the past matches like Huu Tuan for example, it is also a pity for the Korean teacher.

But even so, with the recent relatively successful trials with the Vietnamese team, it will open opportunities, or be the motivation for Coach Park Hang Seo to be more confident and bolder for the way ahead with the human revolution. for the home team instead of being conservative as before.