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Was Ferdinand true to his statement about Harry Maguire?

10 Feb 2022 | 05:32 | Football

 Harry Maguire’s form is getting worse and worse, costing Manchester United many times.

Performance by Harry Maguire

Man Utd only have to face a Burnley who is ranked at the bottom of the Premier League table. Everything went smoothly for the Red Devils with Paul Pogba’s opening goal. However, the deviant defense once again cost Man Utd dearly.

In the goal of Man Utd, Harry Maguire continued to make mistakes. Witnessing this, former player Rio Ferdinand said: “Burnley’s goal partly stemmed from Maguire’s poor handling. I’m sure after the game, he will be responsible.

Maguire is lucky to stay on the pitch. This season, you see it many times. Maybe it’s the feeling of boredom with the EURO, after a physically and mentally exhausting tournament. There’s not the consistency you expect from a player of Maguire’s caliber.”
Was Ferdinand true to his statement about Harry Maguire? - Football

 Maguire is increasingly showing frustration.

Ferdinand was only partially correct. In fact, it is possible that Maguire’s form has seriously deteriorated after the EURO, but as early as last season, his performance soon appeared problems. Statistics don’t lie.

During the 2019/20 season, Maguire averaged 4.5 wins per game in mid-air duels due to his ideal height. That number dropped significantly to 3.6 times last season, and now it’s down to 2.7 times.

Not to mention, Maguire has averaged 1.8 interceptions per 90 minutes over the previous two seasons, and this number has only dropped slightly to 1.6 times per game in 2020/21. At present, the English midfielder can only make 0.7 interceptions per game.
Was Ferdinand true to his statement about Harry Maguire? - Football

 Maguire repeatedly made mistakes leading to the opponent’s shot.

During the 2019/20 season, Maguire did not make a single mistake that led to an opponent’s shot, and then a goal. But last season, the number of errors leading to shots increased to four, one of which resulted in Man Utd conceding. The current figure is 3 shots from Maguire’s error, and 1 goal conceded.

The ability to successfully contest a duel has decreased by 3.2%, an average of 6.1 times / match to 5.1 times compared to 2 years ago is another significant weakness of Maguire. The 4.1% increase in successful tackles is Maguire’s only improvement so far.

Obviously, Maguire shows less convincing form and is not worthy of the price of 80 million pounds. Even many people called for the removal of the captain’s armband Maguire. Certainly the pressure is increasing, and Maguire will need to correct himself in the near future.