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Blind climber Jesse Dufton pushing boundaries after leading 449-foot climb

Dec 06, 2021

(CNN)Climbing a huge rock tower above crashing waves off a remote Scottish island is difficult enough,...

Everest conqueror and mountaineering icon Doug Scott dies aged 79

Dec 06, 2021

(CNN)Mountaineer Doug Scott, who was part of the first UK team to summit Mount Everest via the south-west...

Trailblazing climber Sasha DiGiulian was told ‘little girls don’t belong.’ She didn’t listen.

Dec 06, 2021

(CNN)Sasha DiGiulian is used to proving people wrong. She has done so throughout her life. The 28-year-old...

Oscar-winning director Jimmy Chin on fear, risk and finding the edge

Dec 06, 2021

(CNN)Having survived an avalanche and been tested in some of the most remote places on earth, Jimmy Chin...

‘We should be less afraid to be afraid,’ says Emily Harrington after historic El Capitan climb

Dec 06, 2021

(CNN)As she pulled herself over the summit of El Capitan, Emily Harrington knew she had made history....

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